The People Plan: The HR Excel

The People Plan: The HR Excellence Program

The People Plan: The HR Excellence Program


The War for Talent is on, and organizations the world over are rearming. A McKinsey Quarterly article warned: Companies are about to be engaged in a war for senior executive talent that will remain a defining characteristic of their competitive landscape for decades to come. Yet most are ill prepared and even the best are vulnerable. Today the war for talent is no more limited to top executives, if anything, its all pervasive. Talented people are very hard to manage, with the complication that they measure success in money rather than in applause. Given the mobility, earnings, ambitions and confidence among talented people, Human Capital needs to be up there at the side of the CEO to influence the outcome. A talented HCM person needs business as well as personnel experience, courage, confidence, excellent personal communication skills, humanity and diplomacy. The People Plan equips HCM executives with skills to win the war for talent.


Peter Drucker was asked, what is the most important job of the CEO, and he answered, who does what? Getting the right people on the field is the most important job of the CEO. To get going, the CEO needs an HR that delivers. Assisting the organization attract top talent, getting people excited, engaged and passionate for results is what HCM is all about. The People Plan: The Human Resources Development Program has the goal to equip you with the initiatives you need to take to turn your organization into a perpetual performance machine. This is your chance to start constructing your Roadmap to the future by leveraging your most important asset YOUR PEOPLE.


Translate vision and performance indicators into practical human resources strategies for managing a quality workforce. Develop precision in mapping out tasks and responsibilities and in the identification of employees interest and goals along with her/his potentials, qualities and abilities. Master skills needed for assessing their organizations existing capability, utilizing it to the maximum, and creating staffing strategies needed for growth in number, skills mix, recruitment, retention and reward. Equip participants with the initiatives they need to take to turn their paper business plans into an organization reality.


The CEO in The HR Question: What Jack Welch Knew and taught/The Changing Needs and Aspirations of Employees /The People Management Challenge/Performance Management: Tasks & Responsibilities, Benchmarks and KPIs/Creating a Dynamically Engaged Workforce: Rules of Engagement/Teaching Managers How to Appraise: Appraisal, Recognition & Reward /Attracting, Retaining and Motivating Talent: More Than The Carrot Principle/Formulating a Resourcing Strategy/Managing Talent and The Talent Pipeline: Market Positioning/The War for Talent: Deploying Training & Development as a Weapon/Career Planning and Talent Management/The Context and Concept of Employer Branding/How HR Can Enable the Organization Determine its Profit Zone/Case Study: TESCO / GE

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The People Plan: The HR Excellence Program HR Managers2-3days


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