Service Management: Strategy

Service Management: Strategy and Tactics

Service Management: Strategy and Tactics


What do great companies such as The Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Apple, South-West Airline, Tesco, and Wells Fargo Bank have in common? What sets them apart, with enviable reputation as winners of multiple best places to work awards? Is it their easy-to-navigate technologies, customers that are more than fans, or employees that are more fanatical than evangelists? Case based, drilled to the kernel, highlighting diagnosis of the challenge, agenda for articulating guiding policy, and steps for deploying coherent action, in this elite program you will learn what service strategy and tactics is not. In the end, you go home with a Black Box (An implementation Road Map), ready to make 2012 and beyond your best ever in your quest to remain relevant, customer centric, and profitable.


There is more to quality than what people say it is. The all encompassing definition, according to Roland M. Fortuna, includes improvement in cost position, delivery performance, time taken to get products unto the market, and responsiveness to changes in the market-place. It is a bottom line issue that addresses the very roots of a business and it requires a change of thinking from the top of the organization to the bottom. This workshop shows you the strategies and tactics and guides you step by step how to construct your service management roadmap.


1 Show the interplay of people, customer loyalty and brand management in corporate effectiveness, brand reputation, and longevity.

2.Show how design drives customer experience, and aids both long and short term profitability, rendering the competition irrelevant.

3 Highlight the new concept of strategy, and show how its deployment in various settings has made companies as diverse as CHI, Promasidor, Guinness, Heineken, Apple, and Samsung become legends in their industries.

4 Pinpoint specific strategies for attendees to increase customer loyalty, employee engagement, and stakeholders respect in their various organisations and industries.


The Kernel of Strategy/Service Design As Strategic Differentiator: The Service Triangle/Questioning Assumptions: Customer Value Model/Toyota: Its Cradle to Grave Service Model: What Went Wrong, How They Fixed It/The Business Equation: The Cycle of Service/Strategic Value Hierarchy/Plotting Importance -Performance Matrix (Case Study of Nigeria Three Largest Banks Pre- Recapitalisation)/Creating Evangelists at Apple/ The Ten Faces of Innovation/ Creating Customer Experience Black Box: The Service Blueprint/Modeling the Commitment to be the Best: Implementing Service Management/Total Quality Service Model/ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) Awareness/Five-Star Practices.

Course Title For whom Duration
Service Management: Strategy and Tactics Quality Facilitators/Operation Managers3-4 Days


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