Service Excellence Master Cla

Service Excellence Master Class

Service Excellence Master Class


Whether you call it Customer Service, Service Excellence, or Customer Care, people instinctively know that serving the customer with passion, warmth, and agility is the key to survival, success and profit. The best organizations focus all their efforts and go all out to delight the customer. J. W. Marriot Jr. said his father taught him the importance of paying attention to details so when you do, a lot of the big stuff takes care of itself. He further said, my dad and I agree whole heartedly, if you treat your employees well, they will take care of the customer.


Service Excellence MasterClass, involves a series of workshops, customized for different categories of staff to rekindle their burning passion for the customer. It will expose them to the best service delivery tools and techniques, and the notion that Service Excellence is a bottom line issue that addresses the very roots of a business and it requires a radical change of thinking. At the end, participants will master how to turn every service encounter into customer delight moments, and will be converted from ordinary to extraordinary and from useful to invaluable.


 Show the critical relationship between customer care and profitability  Heighten service awareness and promote service zealotry  Engender customer-centric attitude, focus, and ideals of Service Excellence  Increase brand reputation, client trust, and industry respect


Service: Characteristics, Dimensions, Uniqueness, Features: Why Customer-Centric Thinking is Hard/ Types of Service/ Service Moments of Truth/The Five Levels of Excellence/The One Thing The Customer Wants To Know/The One Question You Must Ask Your Employees/The Four Service Imperatives You Must Never Forget/The Eighteen Rules of Customer Care/The Twelve Rules of Success/Visioning the Customer Experience/The Ten Attributes of Great Service/The Sixteen Rules of Employee Care/Seeking the Voice of the Customer/Modeling The Commitment to be the Best.

Course Title For whom Duration
Service Excellence Master Class Service Champions/Coordinators/Facilitators/Unit Heads/HR & Training Heads2-3days


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