Sales Excellence Master Class

Sales Excellence Master Class

Sales Excellence Master Class


Cycle times are shortening, customers are ever more demanding, and organizations are demanding employees to do more with less. Sales and sales closings are the only elements in the customer relationship equation that generate cash, all others are costs. Accordingly, marketers and their supervisors are continually challenged to increase their sales volumes and margins in a dynamic and challenging market environment. Marketers are routinely stretched to deliver on their assigned Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), both by product lines, and by value. Determining which customers to pursue and qualifying customers are essential steps for effective sales activities. But how do you know which customers to focus your effort on? How can an organization build enduring relationship with its customers in an environment characterized by high staff turnover? The Sales Excellence Master Class shows how.


Successful sales teams focus on best practices to achieve outstanding results. This program exposes participants to selling best-practices and principles that will enable them build outstanding sales forces, increase their customer conversion and retention success rates, and render the competition irrelevant.


Determine which customers provide the greatest opportunity for a successful sale. Develop and provide a comprehensive view of the seller value proposition to prospects. Master activities that engender relationship building.


Design in the Sales Equation/The Ten Faces of Innovation/Determining the Right Customers/Developing Blueprints for the Sales Cycle/Putting in place Talent and Processes for Continuity/Controlling and Monitoring Sales Officers Activity to Ensure Optimal Result: How to Create a Winning Sales Force Culture/Extracting Value from Customer data and converting into Information/Standardization of Sales Information and Processes/What The Best Sales Teams Have In Common/Oiling The Customer Pipeline: Leveraging IT to Enhance Sales/Formulating Sales Strategy/Managing the Tension Between Customers Wants & Technology Pull/The Three Rules of Professional Competence: Retaining Successful Salespeople/Organizing and structuring the sales force: Achieving Sales Force Excellence/Critical Rules of Sales Excellence: How Hunters and Farmers operate/Breakthrough Questions for Identifying World-Class Sales Organization Case Study: GE/Coca-Cola/CitiGroup

Course Title For whom Duration
Sales Excellence Master Class Sales Executives/Managers and above3-4days


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