Leadership: Mastering the Cri

Leadership: Mastering the Critical Skills

Leadership: Mastering the Critical Skills


Whether you are preparing for the world cup, sending a man to the moon, or running a multinational oil corporation, the one ingredient that separates extraordinary achievers from ordinary people is their leadership edge. Leadership is about vision, dreams and culture. Leadership means working closely with all employees, endorsing pride of workmanship, listening to and responding to the suggestions of those closest to the job, focusing performance on the positive, developing team spirit, and much more. The leadership expert, Warren Bennis, once said it is difficult to define leadership, but it is easy to recognize great leadership when you see one. According to John C. Maxwell, the best way to test whether a person can lead rather than just manage is to ask him or her to create positive change. Managers can maintain direction, but cannot change it. To move people in a new direction, you need influence. Only leaders have influence.


In today interconnected world that operates 24/7/360, the leadership skills of the old era are woefully inadequate. New tools, techniques, and insights are required. LEADERSHIP: DEVELOPING THE CRITICAL SKILLS PEOPLE NEED TO PERFORM AND EXCEL AS LEADERS distills the essence of leadership and boils it down to its core, enabling attendees hone their leadership mojo, know-how, and worry about their legacy. Customised for each client situation, this Master Class prepares managers to assume true leadership, by equipping them with the battery of competencies, know-how, and wisdom they will need to make the leap from managers to leaders.


1. Differentiate between managing and leading, and why the difference matters.

2. Know the meaning and essence of achievement, success, significance and legacy.

3.Embrace the knowledge that leadership determines the success of the organization.

4.Aspire to be true leaders and worry about their footprints and legacy.


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